Responsible Gaming

We encourage you to play thoughtfully and responsibly.

We have always made it clear that all our apps are designed purely for entertainment purposes:
Our social games resemble everything that a real casino game would look like with the main difference: we do not allow any sort of betting, laying odds, real money gambling in any of our games. Our goal is to have all our players feel protected and have an enjoyable gaming time when using our apps.

As stated in our terms of service, all the virtual coins, chips, currencies and similar virtual items do not have any monetary value. Those were created strictly for use within the app environment itself, where no game balance may be brought back to the real world.

Those virtual items are there to improve the app experience for you, for the enjoyment of the virtual environment with your friends and other users alike.

What do we mean by “playing responsibly”?

  • Our app users should be able to have fun and experience joy playing our games.
  • Our app users make a conscious decision when to play and when to have a break. The playtime control is very important for your health and wellbeing.
  • Our app users should be able to control the spending and purchases they make.

Indicators for a Video Game Behaviour Disorder (VGBD)

  • The urge to prioritise gaming over all the other activities in one’s life.
  • A diminished control over playtime – time “flies”.
  • Regular increase in gaming time ignoring negatives surrounding the person.
  • Interest in gaming that is unusually higher than interest in other activities, daily tasks and responsibilities.

Please, note that for a VGBD to be diagnosed, the symptoms should normally have been evident for at least 12 months and must be of sufficient severity, affecting daily lives of the gamers and people around them.

What to do in case you or someone you know may have a VGBD?

  • Contact a medical professional, qualified in the field of VGBD.
  • Learn more about VGBD to make an informed decision and be able to identify VGBD. The links below provide general information that you may find helpful:

In any case, contact us any time you feel that you require a break from our games or have any questions. Our team is here for our community!

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